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Template – Dogg-Daze

I found this image while looking for royalty free images and instantly fell in love- and let me tell you that’s really something coming from a cat person such as I. 😉 I knew right then and there I had to build a template around it and ‘Ta Da!’ here it is.

I’m happy to say I got the chance to try out some new codes on this one that I’d never used before such as fancy looking quotes (see preview) and a slightly transparent background. Definitely thinking about making another version of this one with two sidebars and possibly a few other quirks. If there’s anything you’d like to see or that you’d be interested in having changed for this template don’t hesitate to let me know. I like to try different things out. 🙂

Check out the larger preview- please! The scaled down screenshot looks absolutely awful. I swear the actual template is so much better.


  • Two Columns
  • 4 Widget Positions
  • No Blogger Nav. Bar
  • Slightly Transparent (see through) Images
  • Labels Not Displayed Beneath Posts


A very fluid and neutral template. Classy without becoming too… froofy with nice light browns and tans. Images and post/widget background are just slightly transparent to bring the whole thing together with a blended look. Great for pet lovers, tired writers, or anyone who knows what it’s like to have one of those ‘Dogg-Daze.’

Large Preview | DOWNLOAD


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I'm still getting things together and spiffy up my designs so bear with me until I get all the good stuff posted, alright? :) Anyways, browse around and have fun laughing at my attempts to run around like a chicken with my head cut off.

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