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CQ Here’s something new. Love my template ideas? Love my spaz? Love me?

You’re awesome. Why not put my brand new little badge thingy on your blog or webpage and show me a little love by linking it back here?

You know you want to.

cqsIf you’d like to add this button to your site but don’t like the color or need a different size just let me know and I’ll fix it right up. I also have a small version of this button that I plan on using a logo of sorts. It’s less explanatory but curiosity is good for traffic so I don’t mind.

Please keep in mind that these images and the saying “Where Typos Change The Wolrd” are my creation. I love to share but I also love to have the credit for the things I took the time to make so don’t forget to mention me. 😉


The Obligatory First Post

Many of my wonderful blogging buddies have been asking me to finally start a site or a blog for this thing so here it goes. Welcome to Code Quirks, the new home for my coding and borderline obsessive tinkering efforts. This is supposed to be my first post but I suppose it’s technically the second since I already put up one of my newer templates. There isn’t a whole lot here yet but that’ll change over time. I already write a ton and it takes time to come up with new templates so I can’t promise this blog will be updated as often as my others but you’re free to roam around despite that little fact. 🙂

Not really sure what else to say. If you’d like a template don’t hesitate to ask- I know I’m using the WordPress.Com platform but at the moment I’m only working with Blogger.Com templates and other small coding projects. I can code a lot of other things but I don’t want to take on any major tasks right now. If you find a template of mine you like go ahead and download it, if you need/want something just slightly different about it- go ahead and ask. I like a good challenge and I like finding ways to improve my design knowledge as I’m not a pro by any means. Merely a talented self-taught wannabe. 🙂

Well, that’s all I can think of. If you like to know more about me or read some of my writing (as I am a writer more so than a designer) then stop on by my blog sometime. 🙂 Peace out and happy blogging!

Welcome to Code Quirks- where typos can change the wolrd!

I'm still getting things together and spiffy up my designs so bear with me until I get all the good stuff posted, alright? :) Anyways, browse around and have fun laughing at my attempts to run around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Previews and Demos

Want to view my latest Blogger creation in action? Click here to visit the CQ Preview Blog and check it out.
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