Code Quirks - Where Typos Can Change The Wolrd!Like my blog themes, posts, etc? Like me? Just want to show me some love for the heck of it?

You are an awesome person.  Here’s a few ways to show me said awesomeness of love. 🙂


Button – It’s cute, it’s green, and if you don’t like how it looks or want a different size/color/shape let me know and I’ll even make it to match your blog. I wanted to provide some easy copy and paste code for you to steal it but, alas, WPcom isn’t reacting favorably to that so you’re stuck with saving it and uploading it yourself.

Plain Link – I don’t need you to have the button. If you just want to link me in your blogroll, a single post, or some other little inconspicuous corner of the net I’ll be plenty happy. Just make sure it points to the main page.

Word of Mouth – Tell people about CQ! Verbally begotten page rank is precious and more than helpful if the right people hear the right things.

Visit My Blog – Visit my blog Written-Whispers.Com/Blog and leave a comment on some of my creative writing or older posts and I’ll love you forever. It always makes my day when I discover a new commenter or see that one of commentless posts have been loved upon.

[Craft Bloggers click here for your own unique and free way to donate!]


Feed My MP3 Player – While Amazon does not currently permit people to buy MP3 downloads for others (something to do with proof of purchase) you can buy me an amazon gift card for music. It gets sent directly to my email and poof! I feel the love. MP3s only run about 99¢ (less than a buck!) the lowest possible amount you can purchase on a gift card is $5.

Seriously people, I love my music more than anything. If you want to buy me something for my effort that is definitely the way to go and with a gift card I can pick out exactly what I like. $5 is 5 brand new songs to put on repeat until my husband can’t stand it anymore. 🙂

If by chance you’re an insane person you are also more than welcome to buy me something from my Amazon Wish list which contains various drool worthy books/movies/etc that I’d absolutely love but they are more expensive. Prices off things on my list range anywhere from $3 to $80. I don’t honestly expect anyone to buy me these things- the wish list is just my way window shopping from the safety of my home but if anyone does… well, you are a super fabulous person.

P.S. I do accept and love used items! Don’t be afraid to save yourself a couple of bucks and buy me an out of package gift. I’ll still love it!

[Please note that amazon accounts are free though you do need a credit card to purchase items. If there is another way you’d like to show me love don’t hesitate to let me know]

/Why My Templates Are Free/

Please note that I do NOT expect anything in return for my templates though I do muchly appreciate it especially when I do custom jobs. Some people have asked me why I don’t charge for custom templates (meaning you tell me exactly what you want and I make it happen). Well, there’s a few reasons for this.

The first is that I am entirely self-taught. I live and breath code but by no means am I a professional (yet). I am going to be taking design and programming classes soon but until then everything you see here is/was learned through my own adventures in trial and error.

The second reason is that I just enjoy making these. It’s fun for me. Like a game I find the challenge of ‘Okay, what can I do with this next’ absolutely thrilling and providing there’s nothing too dramatic going on in my life at the time I find coding to be a very rewarding hobby in and of itself.


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Welcome to Code Quirks- where typos can change the wolrd!

I'm still getting things together and spiffy up my designs so bear with me until I get all the good stuff posted, alright? :) Anyways, browse around and have fun laughing at my attempts to run around like a chicken with my head cut off.

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