Would you like me to make you a customized template? If so there’s a few things you might want to think about beforehand. Below are a bunch of questions I usually ask. Answer as many of them as you can and then send me the answers at written-whisperATpeacemailDOTcom with ‘Template’ in the subject field.

Please be aware that at the moment I am only designing Blogger templates and while most of the time it only takes me 2 days to put one together the standard time field I usually give people is one week (at the longest) because I do have a day and night job. 🙂

All templates are free but if you like my word please consider showing me some love in free or non free ways. Craft bloggers who want to show me some love please follow this link.

Standard Need To Knows:

  • Out of habit I make the Blogger Navigation Bar invisible. Do you want it?
  • How many sidebars do you want? 1, 2, or something special?
  • If just one- which side do you want it on?


  • Send me a link to your blog so I can get a feel for your style.
  • Is your blog about a certain theme? Do you want your template to follow a certain theme?
  • What colors do you want?
  • Light tones or dark?
  • Are there any images you would like (or would like something similar of)? Send me some Photobucket links.

Special Features:

  • Want scrolling posts? (Great for the long winded blogger.)
  • I can add ‘add to Facebook, Twitter, etc (or anything else of your choice) to the bottom of all your posts.
  • Would you like a vertical menu at the top of your blog?

Other Questions:

  • Is your blog a ‘photoblog?’
  • Are you a long poster?
  • Do you tend to use a lot of widgets?
  • Does your blog as it currently is take a little while to load?
  • What are some words you’d use to describe the template you want? Classy, dark, gothic, journal-like, preppy, childish, colorful, neutral, anime, polka dots, etc. Anything you can think of.


  • Would you like a custom header? I can make one with your title in it and everything.

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I'm still getting things together and spiffy up my designs so bear with me until I get all the good stuff posted, alright? :) Anyways, browse around and have fun laughing at my attempts to run around like a chicken with my head cut off.

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